Quick Car hire in Brussels Belgium

Brussels (Dutch: Brussel, French: Bruxelles) is the capital of Belgium, which is entirely surrounded by the Flemish Brabant province and the Dutch-speaking Flanders. As the headquarters of a number of European institutions, Brussels could be considered as the center of the European Union. In Belgium, you drive on the right and all cars must have a Direction Immatriculation Véhicules or Vehicle Registration Authority, so before renting a car make sure your car is properly registered. Trams have priority in Brussels, as do their passengers.

When driving in Brussels bring these documents in your car at all times:

  • National or International Driving license
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Passport/proof of identity
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of road tax payments

Most parking is based on fee and parking meters are found on most streets. Brussels has Blue-Zone parking system and you need to use a blue clock to set to the time of your arrival. It is available in police stations, petrol stations, and newsagents. Very busy streets are indicated by red triangle signs (Axe Rouge) and parking is not allowed between 7 AM and 6 PM.

Car Rentals in Belgium can be found in Elsene, Etterbeek and Avenue Fonsny (near Brussel-Zuid) trains station.

The most affordable cars in Brussels are economy cars such as Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 207, which are available for EUR 90 per day. A small SUV such as Ford Stationwagon can be rented for as much as EUR 140 and a luxury car such as Mercedes E Class Automatic is available for EUR 210.