Teenagers and Car Insurance

The day has finally arrived and your teenager is getting his driver’s license so now it is time to think about car insurance for them. No matter if they have their own car or driving the family car, they have to have car insurance. If they have their own car, the insurance company is going to take in consideration the type of car they will be driving. One thing that insurance companies do not like to see is a teenager driving is a fast, expensive sports car. They would rather see them driving an older car because they are usually harder to drive and much heavier than many of the newer cars. Because of these two factors the insurance company figures these are a much safer vehicle. The value of the car is also taken into consideration.

Although they are just starting out driving, as time goes on and they stay a safe driver the insurance company will look at their driving history and they may reduce the insurance premium. The opposite is true if they do not have a clean driving record because the premium may go up.

Another way to help get your teen the best low car insurance premiums is to have them take a driver’s education course either through the school if they offer one, or private lessons. By taking these programs it shows the insurance company that they have the skills and knowledge to be a good safe driver.

If your teenager maintains good grades in school this may also make them eligible for car insurance discounts. Most insurance companies offer the discount to students who keep a “B” average or better. The discount, depending on the car insurance company, can be as much as twenty-five percent.

If it is not feasible to get a car insurance policy separately for your teenager you can always add them to your family car insurance policy. Once the teenager can prove that they will be a safe and responsible driver then you can consider getting them their own policy.

To help teach your teenager responsibilities make sure that they are paying the part of the premium that indicates what their monthly amount would be. If you still want them to have their own policy check with your insurance company to see if they have a family plan. What this type of plan does is offer any discounts that are earned by the adults to the teenage drivers. These discounts Car Insurance can include multi-policy and multi-car.

Some car insurance companies will give you a discount if they do not have to mail you a bill each month. All you have to do is select auto pay or electronically payment. This could save you almost fifty dollars a month.

Before your teenager gets their driver’s license check with your insurance company in regard to car insurance for them so they will be legal to drive.