Cheapest Car Hire In Chicago

One good way to save a good deal of money when renting a car in Chicago is by taking into account the length of your stay and choose the cheapest rental company available. For rentals lasting only a few days, you’ll find that the best deals in the Windy City are those from the bigger rental companies that also deal nationally. If your stay is longer than a week, then a local Chicago car rental company may give you a more attractive discount. The only drawback to dealing with local companies is that support services are usually sparse compared to their national rivals. So if your car malfunctions in a smaller Illinois town, you may not be able to swap the car quickly. Another factor to consider is to reduce the rental insurance premium and if you’re using a credit card, check your card agreements.

Internet resources make it easier and faster than ever to compare car rental prices. The car rental comparison sites will have all the details about affiliated car rental companies, which will be helpful during price comparison. For example with,, you will find that the cheapest cars in Chicago area are Chevrolet Cobalt and Ford Taurus, which cost about $50 a day. Finding the cheapest deal doesn’t always equal to finding the cheapest car, a very affordable 4-passenger Mini Car, may not be adequate if you are traveling with 6 people, for this reason, choosing a Chevrolet Uplander at $75 a day is better choice.