Cheap Car hire in Bern Switzerland

Although a capital of Switzerland, Bern is considered as a medium-sized city according to the European standard with less than 150,000 people within the city proper and less than 400.000 people in the agglomeration and the suburb areas. Bern is located on a peninsula created by the river Aare.

In Bern, just like on other Swiss cities, it is quite unlikely to find a free parking and parking fees in the city center are slightly expensive. Parking in Bern uses ‘blue zones’ system that requires you to show a parking disc on the dashboard. These discs are available at motor clubs, police stations and gas stations.  As the city center is rather small and most of major attractions are actually within walking distance, everything inside the city limit is easily accessible by public transport.

When renting a car, you should be at least 20 years old (bigger car may require higher minimum age) and you need to have the license for at least 1 year. Those under 25 years old may incur an additional driver surcharge. Seatbelts are compulsory and special seats are required for children under seven years old.

Car rentals can be found in Wabernstrasse, Weyermannsstrasse, Seftigenstrasse, Waldeggstrasse and Airport Belp Bern.

Car rental in Bern is slightly more affordable than many cities in Europe, for example, you can get a Ford Fiesta for less than EUR 70. A Ford Focus SUV for less than EUR 110 and a Mercedes C Class for around EUR 260.