Car Rental in Paris

The City of Lights is extraordinary for it offers not just a few but a multitude of places that leave many visitors spell bound. It is so rich and exotic; and can be difficult to explore in just a few days only with public transportation, so you may need to rent a car.

Traffic can be very crowded during the day, and finding a good parking spot tends to be challenging, especially in areas near tourists areas, since most of these places are designed long before cars existed. In fact, many Parisian households don’t own cars and rent one when only when they need it.

Traffic regulations in Paris are essentially similar with other parts of France, with the exception that you need to yield to incoming cars on roundabouts. Generally, driving in crowded roads of Paris and its suburbs during peak hours can be especially effortful. Be prepared for snarl-ups, cars abruptly change lanes without notice, and so forth. Another big issue is pedestrians, who may fearlessly jaywalk in the midst of dense traffic. Be prepared for someone who crosses the street on green, and expect similar fearless behaviors from cyclists. Although pedestrians or cyclists violate the traffic light by crossing on green, if you hit them, you’ll have to bear legal and financial responsibilities for the damages, and perhaps prosecution for the failure to control your car properly. A Mini Car, such as Peugeot 107 or similar, can cost about 75€ a day, an intermediate car, such as, Toyota Avensis or similar, about 200€ a day and a luxury car, such as Citroen C6, about 650€ a day.