Car Rental in New York

New York City is a massive city. It is divided into five boroughs and each is comparable to a big city in its own right. Obviously, traffic can be overwhelming for the uninitiated, particularly in midtown and during rush hours. While free or cheap parking is available in certain parts of the city, it can be hard to come by and most parking areas are typically very expensive. Spending $40 a day for parking is not at all unusual. Also, bumping other cars to get a parking spot isn’t uncommon, so if you are parking on the street, be prepared to get new scrapes and scratches on your rented car. If you are marked as an outsider, local drivers may get more aggressive around you. As a whole, driving a car in New York isn’t for the fainthearted or emotionally fragile.

Gas stations are quite rare, especially in Manhattan. You may need to pay much higher within the city limit, sometimes up to fifty cents higher per gallon. Larger car rental companies have offices around the city and smaller agencies are numerous. Be warned that rentals costs in New York are higher than elsewhere in the U.S., and frequently necessitate a deposit of $300 or more, if you don’t have a credit card. Renting a compact car, such as a Ford Focus can be as low as $75, an intermediate car, like Dodge Caliber is about $150 and a luxury car, such as BMW 650i Convertible is about $800 a day.