Car Rental In Manchester

Manchester is recognized by some for its strong influence on the industry and music histories, and also for its sport connections. Just like Oxford and Cambridge, the city also accommodates many students. It is considered by many as the unofficial capital of Northern England and the second largest city after London.

If you are a little lost inside Manchester, just follow road signs at the inner ring-road as you may use them as guides to reach many destinations inside and outside Manchester. Parking areas inside Manchester can be quite costly and you may need to avoid those multi-storey car parks, it would be better to choose some open-air car parks inside the city. There are good parking spots behind Piccadilly Station and near Salford Central Station. But if you’re forced to use a multi-storey car park, it would be better to choose the one located in The Village and The Coach Station. This is acceptable as the last resort if you’ve been driving around for more than an hour, looking for a good place to park. If you see double yellow lines on the road, it means parking is prohibited. But you’re still allowed to park in roads with single yellow lines during weekend. Don’t venture to the Cosmopolitan Manchester during peak hours, especially around Chinatown and the Village.

The rental cost of Economy Cars in Manchester can be as low as 32 GBP a day, Intermediate Cars are around 44 GBP, 7-passengers SUVs are 111 GBP and the most expensive Luxury Cars can be as high as 260 GBP.