Car Rental in Liverpool

Liverpool is a culturally colorful city, offering a wondrous selection of art galleries, impressive architecture, theatres and museums to whet your artistic appetite. Before renting any car in Liverpool, safety should be your top priority. Air bags are mandatory for cars in Liverpool and it’s a good idea to have side impact bags in your car model. While renting a car, check its airbag; be a calm driver as traffic in Liverpool can be quite dense at times. Places around City Centre and Liverpool One are often crowded, so you shouldn’t drive in a hurry. If you drive faster and violate all the signals, there could be chance of having an accident.

There are some car parks around Liverpool, for example, Liverpool Premium Parking has CCTV, security patrols and high perimeter fencing; however, bigger cars such as trailers are not allowed to enter.

Most car rentals will agree to pick you up at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, but it is about 12 km from the City Centre. Ask the car rental agency, whether there would an extra cost for picking you up there. Just like many large cities in United Kingdom, the local car rental agencies can be easily compared online, including with A Mini Car such as Toyota Aygo can be rented for as little as 41 GBP, an intermediate car, such as Toyota Avensis is about 55 GBP and a Premium Car like, Mercedes C (Automatic) is about 105 GBP, however if there are 7 people in your group, it would be better to rent a Volkswagen Touran for 78 GBP.