Car Hire in London

London is considered among the most expensive destinations. You can find many places of interest and historic landmarks. It has a good transportation network that makes it easy, quick and efficient to get to many places within the capital area. London has underground trains and buses, along with cabs that make traveling simple. However, even the best transportation system will never match the flexibility of driving your own car. There are still many places unreachable by mass transportation means and waiting for a bus or train can be time-consuming.

To rent a car in London, all you need is a driver license, credit card and in some cases, a passport (if you’re a foreigner).  These documents will need to be shown when hiring a car. Most car rental companies will issue the Car Rental Voucher, which will be sent to your email after booking a car online; print and present it when hiring a car.

There is a wide range of cars that you can hire in London, ranging from Mini Cars to Luxury Cars. If you are bringing a big family, it’s a good idea to hire a larger car, for example, a Ford Galaxy which can carry 7 passengers and cost about 110 GBP per day. The daily rental cost of a Mini Car, for example, Toyota Aygo (4 passengers, manual transmission) is approximately 45 GBP, while a Luxury Car such as, Mercedes Benz CLS is around 360 GBP per day.