Car hire in Dublin Ireland

Dublin (or Baile Átha Cliath in Gaelic) is a vibrant city, with appealing nightlife and noteworthy tourist attractions, and it is the usual entry point for tourists and visitors to Ireland. As a capital, it is disproportionately huge for the size of this country; nearly thirty percent of the nation’s population inhabits the metropolitan area.

Parking regulations in Dublin are strictly enforced. Vehicle disabling programs and tow trucks are used often. Parking meters are available in the downtown area and they use different pricing based on the time of the day. The typical cost is EUR 1.30 to 1.90 per hour. When you drive a car in Ireland for the first time, take your rental car around the airport for a couple of times to get familiar with left-hand side driving and local driving behaviors.

Car rentals in Dublin accept your national driving license and you must be at least 17 years old. Other than your driving license, you also need to bring vehicle rental agreement, vehicle title document and insurance green card when driving in Dublin.

Car rentals in Dublin can be found near Pearse Street Bus Stop, on Hanover Street East, near Trinity College, near National Wax Museum, and on Fleet Street.

Prices of rental cars in Dublin are significantly cheaper than on most European capitals, a Ford Fiesta is available for EUR 48 per day, a Toyota Rav4 SUV is EUR 95 per day, and a BMW 3 Automatic is EUR 200.