Car Hire in Cardiff

Cardiff is a large city in Wales and lies in the southern part of the country. For many years, it was considered as a rough, industrial city, but it has changed significantly in recent years. Cardiff is now a modern and lively capital city, gaining more popularity as tourists flocked to visit its historical and cultural sites.

Car parking inside the city, although plentiful are notoriously expensive. Even so, getting around the city with a car is pretty simple, and the city centre doesn’t have complicated street arrangements, it’s quite easy to move around; although, it’s a good idea to restrict entering places like St. Mary’s Street and Queen Street during off-peak times as traffic congestion can occur abruptly. Generally though, the entire city is quite compact. Car rental regulations may vary between companies. However, in all cases people will require an unexpired driving license to rent a car. It can be a UK driving license, while foreigners are required to have International Driving Permit and a credit card. You must be at least 18 years old to rent a car, although in some companies the minimum age can be 25. It is a good idea to check the terms of insurance included for the car rental. According to, the cheapest car rental can be as low as 40 GBP a day (Toyota Aygo or similar), SUVs such as Ford Focus Stationwagon is about 62 GBP, while luxury cars such as Mercedes E200 Automatic can be as high as 250 GBP.