Car hire in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is the biggest metropolitan area in New Zealand, populated by more than one million people. The road network experiences serious congestion at peak time. The geography of Auckland limits the road network only to a few routes. Auckland has an extensive road networks for a city of its size, however the lack of investment in mass transport means that travel inside the city is mostly dependent on the private transportation.

It is often cheaper and easier to hire a car than using a taxi, simply because Auckland is spread out and quite large. There are three main motorway systems in Auckland, the Northwestern Motorway, the Southern Motorway, and the Northern Motorway. These motorways are congested during the morning rush and during the evening rush you’ll see that the congestions move to the opposite direction. The Harbour Bridge uses a unique system to reduce the traffic load by changing the 8-lane system to 5-3 from 4-4 and favor the side with heavier traffic load, so when using the bridge, watch the lanes as they might use different composition at different times!

Motorway on-ramps use traffic lights operating in rush hours – they allow only a car to proceed every 3 seconds to ease the motorway load. Cameras are operating 24/7 to catch red-light runners.

The cheapest rental car in Auckland is the mini type, for example, Peugeot 106 at NZD 85. A medium SUV, such as Ford Explorer can be rented for NZD 120.