Car hire in Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city with impressive architecture, beautiful canals that crisscrossed the landscape, great shopping areas, and hospitable people who mostly speak English well. You will find something that matches your taste, whether you favor culture and history, lively parties, or just savoring the charm of a classic European city.

Driving around Amsterdam can be a pain: most streets are narrow and congested, the traffic signs are obscure and baroque, and pedestrians and cyclists often get in your way. Additionally, gas is a whopping EUR 8 ($11) per gallon. It is advisable to use a secured parking garage, for example near the Central Station or under Museumplein and then walk to the city centre. Car parking is costly inside Amsterdam and it’s frequently hard to find a good parking spot. You can choose to pay hourly or daily. Parking can be free on Sunday, except in City Centre. There is usually a spot available near the Albert Cuypstraat and from here you can reach downtown Amsterdam by walking for 15 minutes.

Car rentals can be found between Jan Pieter Heijestraat and Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat Trams Stations, Van Ostadestraat (near Ceintuurbaan Trains Station) and Havenstraat (near Station Willemspark). You can rent a car for as low as EUR 51, for example Peugeout 207 and Volkswagen Golf. A SUV such as Ford Mondeo is available for about EUR 75 and a nine-seater Mercedes Vito is available for about EUR 230. A luxury car, such as Mercedes E Class Automatic can be rented for about EUR 180.