Car hire in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is a place where you can enjoy sandy beaches, stylish architecture, fabulous arts events, boutique shopping, fine dining, nightlife, and some of Australia’s greatest cafés. Its population is slightly above one million, an especially large city in an otherwise sparsely populated state.

Driving yourself inside Adelaide is definitely the best way to get around. Most of Adelaide’s sights are spaced apart and public transport is usually sketchy at best. It is fairly low-stress to drive inside Adelaide; the traffic is not congested and orderly, except on some roads at city center in peak hours (8 to 9 AM; 5 to 6.30 PM). Parking is often easy to find inside the city. The only drawback to driving inside Adelaide (apart from hiking gas prices) is that road signs quality around the suburbs is variable. Occasionally streets are clearly marked but you may find yourself lost due to the lack of direction signs in some intersections. Even in the city center, you may squint down the street searching for a clue about your location, first time visitors may need to hire a car with GPS receiver.

Cheap Car rentals can be found in Adelaide Airport, in Keswick Terminal, near Parliament House, near City West Campus, in West Richmond, and around Allenby Gardens.

Economy cars in Adelaide, such as Hyundai Getz and Nissan Tiida are available for around 60 AUD, families can get a Toyota Rav4 for about 75 AUD and groups can hire a 12-passenger Toyota Commuter for about 150 AUD.