Welcome to Car Rental Junction, the hub for worldwide Car hire in more than 22,000 locations with 550 suppliers.  Please feel free to search for availability and complete a booking. Car Rental Junction is a trusted car rental provider, powered by Cartrawler and offer the best selection of cars from economy to midsize and luxury cars.


For those that are looking for a car to hire in any location throughout the world, then we are your one stop shop. We offer vehicles that range from those that save you gas to those that offer four wheel drive. For any road condition that you are likely to come across in your journey, we have a car or SUV that will fit your need. 

Reserving a car with us is a very simple process. All we need is some basic information, such as where you would like to pick the vehicle up, drop off, the dates in which you will need the vehicle, the type of vehicle that you will need, and the driver's age at the time of hiring. With all of this information we can show you just how much you can expect to pay as well as the different types of vehicles that we have to offer. Included in those vehicles are those that are of the most cutting edge technology, such as hybrid cars in order to make sure that you have the chance at whatever vehicle that you will need. 

Unlike other car hiring companies out there, we do not require that the driver be of a certain age before we loan a vehicle to them. However, for those that are under a certain age, there may be additional fees associated with hiring a car, all of which will be presented to you up front. All that we require is that the person be licensed to drive and operate a vehicle in their country of residence. 

We have locations all over the world, in the most popular cities in every country, usually located at the major airports in these cities. Which makes picking up your vehicle and dropping it off an easy task. We also do not require that you pick up and drop off at the same location, as this is sometimes not an option for those that are driving. We understand what the customer wants and needs, and we deliver. 

In addition, for those that wonder about our rates, we include everything in the initial rate that we quote, so that there are none of those hidden charges later that other companies charge. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating that finding out that you are paying a much higher percentage than you were initially quoted, thus we make sure to get the rate right the first time. 

We offer professional service and customer service agents that are there to answer any question you may have in order to assist you better in a friendly manner. These customer service agents have the knowledge of the area in which you are renting which could be of assistance if you are confused as to which vehicle you will need in order to travel the roads safely. Our number one priority is safety on the road, not sales, so you can be assured that you will be pressured into anything when it comes to the car type.